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The accomplishment of a business and an organization all in all depends to a great extent on the quality and dependability of its workers. This is the motivation behind why managers must put time and even cash in the enrollment and meeting process. Doing so would guarantee that simply the most ideal up-and-comer will be considered for a specific activity. With regards to a screening for potential workers, no other device shows improvement over business tests. These tests can gauge what is known as the KSA - information, aptitudes and capacities of the activity up-and-comers. At ETS, our business tests are for the most part disconnected and online tests, which incorporate meetings, character tests, ability tests, mental tests, execution tests, etc. A contracting procedure that is inadequately planned is a lot of like an enrollment procedure dependent on flipping a coin. Bosses are very much aware that the effect of wasteful enlistment choices can have exorbitant and inconvenient results, which may incorporate costly preparing costs, decline in generally speaking efficiency, increment in representative substitution, and increment lawful presentation. Advantages of evaluation tests guarantee that your organization is settling on better contracting choices. It can decide if a representative can meet your rule for keeping up high efficiency. Thusly, pre-work tests can diminish costly and tedious enrollment ventures by clearly narrowing down the decisions that will incorporate just up-and-comers who are the most ideally equipped fit for the activity. Since work fitting is significantly improved, this situation can likewise build the odds of holding your representatives for far longer timeframes. Moreover, a well-created pre-business testing system can show an expert and positive picture for your organization and will diminish the danger of hearing objections.

It would be a disgraceful exercise in futility, exertion, and even cash to plan for the obligations and difficulties of a new position, yet discover later on that one isn't equipped for playing out the assignments available and is destined for disappointment. The advantages of pre-work testing are unending. Planning, testing instruments require significant investment and experience. In the event that these two are something your organization doesn't have, you can undoubtedly discover pre-work testing administration organization. At ETS, we have a cautiously well-created testing program that best meets your careful needs with an upper hand. Our pre-work tests enable managers to settle on the best employing choices and will therefore improve your business income, efficiency, and by and large business results.

At ETS, we additionally do scholastic testing administration by managing college understudies by holding tests on the web and disconnected. On the off chance that you are getting ready for any sort of test or test. Regardless of what the subject or course you study, there are online tests accessible in your individual field. At ETS, we give you the advantages of setting yourself up through our administrations by offering vocation/scholarly test. Our test is financially savvy and successful approach to consider, covers various fields of study, advantageous and effectively available, and causes you discover issue zones. At the point when you take ETS on the web or disconnected tests, you will have the option to recognize your shaky areas this will assist you with making sense of where you have to work more enthusiastically to improve your evaluation. In the event that you simply study without setting yourself up with our testing administration, at that point you will can't be sure if your cerebrum has held the investigation material appropriately or not. Online tests are extremely helpful for the individuals who need to do well in their separate professions or scholastic examinations. So make certain to connect with us at Eagle Testing Services (ETS) for proficient online business and scholarly testing administration.


At Eentral Testing Services (ETS), we are an employment and academic testing service, dealing with university students and job applicants, holding tests online and offline. We are an independent educational/employment testing service who arranged nationwide examinations for student of higher education, scholarships, and candidates for employment, helping employers choose the right staff for the jobs and universities to choose better students to enroll, we have helped both private and public sectors to fulfill their employment needs, we have professionals from respected educational institutions who prepare the tailored questionnaire as per employer needs, interview to get the right candidates for your specific needs at no cost to you. Our department heads are the pioneers of 3rd party testing services in Pakistan with combined experience of over 35 years. For all kinds of job-related assessments or academics tests contact us.

Why US

Our pre-work screening process separates us from other business offices, so you can be sure about your immediate contract choices. We have done everything to ensure that our customers get institutionalized work and scholarly testing. We work intimately with different foundations, and organizations in building and reinforcing more grounded cooperation in the whole corporate world. Numerous organizations should employ our administrations for the eventual fate of their business in the focused market. Our group of expert from top to the base has one objective; to give custom work arrangements and staffing for Pakistan and neighboring nations. Our customer portfolio remembers famous associations for open, private and multilateral areas. We are a main official pursuit firm worked in enrollment. We help our customer to get the ideal individuals at the ideal spot at the correct time. Our Advisory Board incorporates famous characters from various expert circles to include decent variety in thoughts, which we accept is another vital favorable position that differenciate us. The experience and expert greatness of our board individuals add to the vital greatness that remaining parts the foundation of our development at ETS.


  • Offering test conduction offices by giving regulatory and operational help to our customers
  • Making a national testing and assessment administration that sets up universal notoriety for our believability and viability.
  • Giving companies and different business undertakings particular administrations for enrollment and choice of their staff in different frameworks
  • Contact with National Universities to devise a brought together testing system.
  • Structuring, creating and directing MCQ based inclination tests for confirmation in different national colleges in all controls for understudies.
  • Guaranteeing routinely refreshes and keeping up a broad information pool of surveys.
  • Giving counseling administrations inside the area HR limit working for both open and private part associations.


Our center group has the experience of conductiong more than 4500 tests for government and private elements, we have orchestrated tests for more than 7 million competitors across the country. We join forces with developing organizations, instructive establishments, and web endeavors that need only the best. Using our experience and accomplishment in the business, ETS has made an altered and one of a kind undertaking supervisory crew, intended to satisfy our customers' necessities with the best administrations as per customer courses of events, determinations, and administrative prerequisites. Our center group comprises of profoundly qualified experts with amazing scholarly accreditations who are completely experienced in different parts of our industry. The entirety of our group shares our vision and that of our customers, just as the advancement and achievement of our organization. The presentation acclimatized work culture and responsible working methodology of our organization draws in top experts and instructive establishments who endeavor to reinforce the organization picture as a worldwide pioneer.


We are focused on greatness in each period of our business. We realize we can't be effective without the individuals and the convictions that join us, which is the reason we comprehend and value our Core Values that have been created throughout the years.

As we proceed on our way to situate ourselves as the best on the web and disconnected work, scholastic, and instructive testing administration organization, we will seek these qualities for direction when we're looked with unforeseen chances or difficulties.


ETS group is a pioneer in the business intends to give improved and viable administrations to its customers. The organization will fabricate a notoriety for itself by giving superlative administrations and keeping up an association with the individuals engaged with the business utilizing our accomplished groups who are the best in the business.


There are no deficiencies of web assets identifying with business, and scholarly testing administration for your organization or establishment. Our sites will offer you important assets and quality assistance.


Undertaking activities help an association change into a pioneer of the market. Our group of experts is our benefit and has given the organization the much-expected push to succeed.


We measure our exhibition by the long haul accomplishment of our customers and cultivate a culture of association, energy, good faith and difficult work.


We accept that straightforwardness is of most extreme significance to earn the certainty of clients. ETS need its clients to realize what everything about the organization and doesn't bolster the idea of concealing anything from individuals related with us. Our inquiries once utilized won't be rehashed for at least three years following a similar test.


ETS have transferred thorough endeavors in guaranteeing a testing structure that is reasonable and evenhanded. Every one of our administrations including singular test questions, appraisals, and related administrations are assessed under stringent checks. Inward observing checks are set up to ensure a reasonable, straightforward and evenhanded testing foundation.


We immovably accept honesty is one factor that guides a business to make its imprint. Uprightness is very much consumed by the underlying foundations of our organization. For our industry, it is essential to get and convey the correct administrations to advance the fundamental objective of the organization.


Development is the most basic variables for an association. Our industry, explicitly requires advancement in view of the nearness of rivalry and new prerequisite consistently. Advancement is the thing that differenciates ETS from its rivals. Development has helped us take a gander at the long haul point of view of the business by remaining in front of the changing condition to give progressively important instructive administrations and imaginative arrangements.


  • Director Operations
  • Director Coordination
  • Director Business Promotion
  • Director Test Admin
  • Director Technical
  • All Territories Heads
  • Secretary ETS


  • Two prominent individuals from instruction segment
  • Two famous individuals from corporate division
  • A candidate of lawful division
  • A chosen one of common society
  • A chosen one of International notoriety
  • Secretary ETS


  • Energetically give our best assistance
  • Continuously search for approaches to develop ourselves and our organization
  • Being all responsible to one another
  • Taking a stab at ideal productivity and demonstrable skill in all that we do